Certified Instructors

We are looking for certified instructors who are familiar with child-first teaching methods. We are hiring for multiple shifts. Contact us today for more information about available positions.


Community United Methodist       410-451-1010

Child Development Center                             Established 1981


The mission and philosophy of the Community United Methodist Child Development Center (CUMCDC) is to provide a faith-based environment in which each child gains a positive ‚Äčself-concept and develops to his/her potential through a whole-child approach. The Center offers small class sizes with highly-qualified professionals-and enjoys one of the lowest turn-over rates in the community. We strive to provide care that is responsive to each child's individual needs. Each child is free to learn, explore, be creative, develop problem-solving skills and share with others. A wide range of developmentally-appropriate activities and meaningful experiences are provided for the children so that they may learn more about themselves, their families, and their community as well as celebrate diversity. A loving, positive atmosphere within a faith-based center creates a sense of belonging. We look forward to helping and watching your child grow in their time with us.